APFN - . Harassment and warrantless eavesdropping

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Kat Hak Sung
. Harassment and warrantless eavesdropping
Mon Mar 10, 2008 16:24

543. Harassment and warrantless eavesdropping (3/9/08)

Early this month, (on Mar. 1 and Mar. 3) I found two web sites changed its window format. I also found in my long time thread in that two sites, a period of postings were lost. (in one site, the latest two years of postings was lost. In another one, six months of postings was lost.) I can only conclude that in that two years (or for another one, six months) I posted in a fake web site the surveillance server supplied me. The readers of the real web site can never see my postings. And I posted to a fake forum only Feds could access. I guess that when the warrantless wiretapping law expired in February, one of the surveillance team (work in the name of "anti-terror" task force) had to leave. I think so because the warrantless wiretapping law was said to target at foreign agents and terrorists. And the two web sites locate in Canada. When one of the surveillance team who watched foreign communication left, they had to turn the connection back to the real sites. Then I encountered with a new window format and lost postings. The postings that lost must be in the file of the surveillance server of the leaving team.

My experience proves the Feds not only eavesdrop, they also harass and commit crime to violet the the Amendment of Free Speech. They blocked my internet communication to the other people. Here are the url of that two web sites.

Why did I say one of the surveillance team left? Because the main team remains. The harassment is aggressive these days. The day before yesterday, I was blocked to post a comment in AOL news story discussion. The page kept on telling me: "Your comment could not be successfully saved at this time. Please try again later." At last I had to give up. Yesterday, when I posted in the forum of Mercury News, the board lost paragraph function. My message became a big lump. I had to put ".........." between each paragraph to make it a little easier to read. See url:

A continuous problem of lost connection to internet also forced me to abandon a lot of chance to discuss and post in many forums. This is a rogue team. There is a lack of check and balance. Yet they want more - a blank check of warrantless eavesdropping.

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