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February 11, 2008

Last week when Attorney General Michael Mukasey was asked point blank by House Judiciary Committee Chair John Conyers if he was ready to start a criminal investigation of the use of waterboarding by the CIA, Mukasey's response was unequivocal: "No, I am not."

In a further exchange with the committee, Mukasey said he would not investigate the Bush Administration's use of illegal warrantless wiretapping. He also said he would not enforce
Contempt of Congress citations served against the Bush Administration. 

When the nation's top law enforcement officer refuses to investigate possibly criminal acts by the Administration, when the President signs bills into law with provisos attached saying he won't abide by the part of the law that he doesn't like, when the President and his advisors are in contempt of Congress, what can Congress do?
Congress can launch IMPEACHMENT proceedings.

After Mukasey's appearance,
two members of CODEPINK met with Conyers to press the case for Impeachment. He told them there was fear among the Democratic leadership of political blowback from such a course of action. In response, Leslie Evangeline launched a fast to pressure Conyers into starting impeachment proceedings against Dick Cheney, a man whose approval ratings hover below 20% and whose impeachment would be unlikely to spawn popular sympathy for the Administration.

Won't you support Leslie in her fast by contacting Conyers today to call for impeachment? Tell him that we want our elected representatives to stand up for the Constitution and against a lawless administration.
Tell him if he doesn't hold the Administration accountable for its contempt of Congress, the people will feel nothing but CONTEMPT FOR CONGRESS.

You can join Leslie and others in their fast by
clicking here!

Chairman Conyers needs to hear from us NOW! 
Call him at 202-225-5126 or Fax 202-225-0072

If you are able, come join us in DC to deliver your message in person. The CODEPINK House is waiting to welcome you!

We know you are hungry for impeachment too,
Dana, Desiree, Ellen, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Jodie, Leslie, Liz, Manijeh, Medea, Nancy and Rae


Call Rep. Conyers TODAY at 202-225-5126

Join the Hungry for Impeachment, Impeach him FAST