Petitions to prevent Bt-Cotton and to prevent cruelty against an animal. declared as art

Here are two petitions worth signing. One is to prevent Bt-Cotton and the other is to prevent cruelty against an animal. declared as art.


Dear Sirs/Madam,

As you are aware, we have strongly protested against the attempts to introduce Bt Cotton into Orissa. As a part of our strategy to broadbase the protest we have submitted a petition at which is available at the following link. We would request you to kindly go through the petition at the link given below and sign it. We would be grateful if you can kindly mention your address.

We would also request you to kindly circulate the petition link amongst your friends and the groups you own/belong to so that we can create awareness and build up pressure on this very vital issue which threatens our health/food security as well as livelihood security besides posing a grave danger to the ecosystem as well as biodiversity.

We need at least a thousand signatures before we can handover the signatures to our Agriculture Minister.

Thank you,

In Solidarity,
Think Simply. Think Wisely.
Curb Semantics. Speak the Truth.

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In 2007, Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, a so called 'artist', took a dog from the streets, tied it up to a short rope attached to a wall in an art gallery, and let it slowly die of hunger and thirst. For various days, the author of this horrible cruelty and the visitors of the gallery were impassive spectators of the poor animal's torture, until it slowly died after an absurd and incomprehensible agony.



Do you think this is cruel?

But the story doesn't end here: the prestigious Biennale Centroamericana of Art has decided, incomprehensibly, that the bestiality committed by the aforementioned individual is art, and in such a way Guillermo Vargas Habacuc has been invited to repeat the cruelty at the 2008 Biennale Centroamericanan which will be held in Honduras. LET'S STOP HIM!


Sign here: you don't have to pay nor register, and its worth doing it so that this man will never be appreciated nor be called an artist for performing such a heinous act, for such an insensitivity and for provoking another beings pain .... lets do it to avoid the unnecessary, cruel and sadistic suffering of an innocent animal.




P.S. If you 'google' the "artists" name you'll see other web pages related to this matter


Robert & Kerry Pocock