Baubiologists, as most of you know, rely on body voltage measurements to demonstrate the benefits of reducing electric field exposures under many circumstances.   It is impoortant to reduce bed exposures as much as possible and turning off circuits to bedrooms is the recommended way of accomplishing this (see: ).


I happened to read an email this morning (dated 9-11-06) -- picked it up off a stack of papers waiting to be sorted and filed --  from Joe Osowski (Masters in Health & Science) wherein Joe answered some questions I had about measuring body voltage in small animals.


Joe provided a lot of important information but something in particular "caught my eye."    Joe wrote:  "A lot depends on clothing, and the nature of the shoes each has on......"  


I started thinking about clothing -- about variables re increased vulnerability when infants and children are exposed to anything toxic including nightly "close electric fields."  


The attached information and file notes re sleep, chemicals and electric fields is basically self-explanatory but, of course, far from comprehensive.  


A major concern as I think back to my two grandsons (rare immune deficiencies) and the endless problems due to hyperactive airways (referred to as "asthma") is how extremely miserable these precious little ones were -- the chemicals in the sleepwear that was supposed to protect them from death due to flaming nightwwear was undoubtedly contributing to "burning up their insides!!!"   


My grandsons "survived" in spite of "chemical-laden bodies" -- they  were finally relieved of the synergystic reaction created as result of cuddling up in "protective sleepwear" while in close proximity to electric fields emanating from electric meters mounted to their bedroom walls after I moved their beds!!!.   It is likely that "the dose" of formaldahyde and ammonia thiocyanate may be "doubled or tripled" (as in case of any other toxic substance) when living beings are subjected to close electric fields all night long. 


I am now thinking about my guinea pigs who cuddled up in soft, infant receiving blankets while cages were close to electric meter/"powerwall" in our house..  While I do believe guinea pigs, infants and others are/will be seriously affected by sleeping close to electric meters and other electric and telephone equipment regardless of type of clothing or bedding, etc.,  I now wonder even more about the rapid onset of asthma in the guinea pigs and the link to the infant blankets.   [  I am also thinking about fur, hair and more  .....I need to review ..."Electric Fields"   ........ .....]


Asthma-like symptoms were virtually "immediate" in one of my grandson but other grandson was premature so he had lung problems from birth.     Who is protecting Civil Rights' for the innocent?   Do any of the 2008 political candidates care??? 


Take care  -  Joanne


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"No substance is a poison by itself. It is the dose that makes a substance a poison..."  Paracelsus (1493-1541)