APFN - Letters From Iraq - Horror stories of suicide, untreated PTS

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Letters From Iraq - Horror stories of suicide, untreated PTS
Wed Mar 19, 2008 19:25

..Vets... PTSD...SHELL SHOCK....ETC...!!

Letters From Iraq - Horror stories of suicide, untreated PTSD

These letters have been vetted and verified by over 200 individual vets and over 20 VSOs (Veterans Service Organizations) and veteran?s rights groups, as well as numerous VA service provider groups and support agencies. I have been in contact with members of the DAV, VFW, VFP, VVA, VVAW, IWVO, IVAW, IAVA (formerly Operation Truth), VFCS, VAIW, Am Vets and many other groups.

In no way am I implying an official endorsement of any group or individual. I am merely stating that it has thoroughly made it around to the people who have been of great help and assistance with this work in progress.

I have spent over 275 hours on the phone in the last month getting background and verification from every veteran and soldier I was able to contact. I have been preparing many other letters for release, and researching and verifying details in a number of off-record interviews I am conducting. An overwhelming weight of evidence and direct eye-witness reports and experiences will reveal just exactly what is going on in Iraq.

There are soldiers in Iraq who are in no way capable of performing their daily duties or any other additional duty details. The rate of suicides and non-combat gunshot wounds and other ?non-combat? accidents is rising alarmingly. This is the raw truth from soldiers in Iraq.

The Nashville, Tennessee Veteran?s Tribune newspaper just published the letters I released from before the deployment in the current (March 2006) issue. Many other veteran's websites and newspapers have also published the letters and interviews I am making available.

I have been working on this as part of my major production project since July of last year. I went to two different VA Hospitals in my local area and it changed me. I never knew how much pain and agony was occurring every day behind the walls.

I was of the opinion that I knew how bad it was at the VA. I thought I knew what I would see. I could not have been more mistaken and uninformed. I saw men and women with their limbs missing, deaf, blind, paralyzed, burned, shot, and even more serious injuries. Who could find anything more serious? Well, I hadn?t gone into the spinal trauma and brain injury wards.

I challenge every American to make it their duty to visit for a few hours. Just do it one time if you to really want to see the price of this war. You can?t know what?s going on unless it has really affected you on a personal level.

This war needs to become a personal issue for every American, not just the soldiers, their families, and those who have lives have been touched by a soldier. Everyone must own a part of it before the average people will understand it.

One moreIraq wakeup call for the readers to ponder:
I just read a very revealing article as I was getting my final draft edited. If you don't believe the Army, Reserves, and National Guard are at the breaking point then this should open your eyes.
Ill-equipped Guard units alarm states,1,7950508.story?coll=chi-news-hed
Units nationwide have just 8 percent of the flatbed semi-trailers they are authorized to have and 10 percent of the Humvees. Overall, the Guard has only 34 percent of the equipment it is supposed to have, according to Guard officials and the GAO numbers.

The Great and All Knowing Chinese Fortune Cookie of Wisdom says: People are not persuaded by what we say, but by what they understand.
I got the fortune last year on my birthday and it still gets a laugh when I read it to soldiers and vets. I wish I could sum things up as neatly and effectively. Read the letters for yourselves and you'll see Iraq through the eyes of soldiers.

Part Two of this ongoing series of Letters from Iraq will include a letter from a combat medic and two letters from truck drivers working the most dangerous supply routes and facing attack and violence every day. They are revealing new details on the facts that they do not have enough trucks and Humvees to go on convoys, or even carry on normal mission critical operations and conduct even simple patrols and security details.

Stay tuned for Letters From Iraq Part 2: Playing the Proud Soldier On The Outside While You Are Slowly Dying Inside


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I don't abide by the old adage,"If you can't say anything nice don't say anything." Too many lies and too much evil is allowed to pass with that. However, saying something that gives credibility to evil or untruth hurts everyone. Practice wisdom and think before you speak or write. I am sure Ms. Tilgham would trade the few laughs she may have gotten to have this tarnish off her journalistic and personal record. As for Tiger, don't worry about beating him, just try and get in his twosome.

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    • Letters From Iraq - Horror stories of suicide, untreated PTS ? Letters From Iraq, Wed Mar 19 19:25
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