Ministers launch fluoride drive

Health Secretary Alan Johnson has called for fluoride to be added to England's water supplies as a key means of tackling tooth decay.
Not sure if I sent this link before, but worth including in personal evaluations of today's latest government proposals, and sharing with thinking people:

There's so much like this, but this profile seems good.

So UK people "want fluoride in their water"?

How were they asked. "Fluoride cuts dental caries: would you like it in your water, Yes/No ?"

It's medication in uncontrolled amounts. Fluoride is a topical remedy as an antibacterial agent, not systemic. You shouldn't drink it in uncontrolled quantities to kill bacteria on teeth. Look out for the No. 10 petitions. The campaign movement is as big and long-standing as EMFs. <;search_type=simple&amp;submit.x=30&amp;submit.y=14>

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