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Apparently,the Swine Flu vaccine contains SV40,which can be found out about here = = THE SWINE FLU VACCINE = = TEXT OF VIDEO = An Independent Assay of the Vaccine Intended for Forced Vaccinations.

Question 1. Are they planning to put in a dose of the killed virus that they are protecting us from?
Answer- No, that "Swine Flu" is not present in the batch.

Question 2. What small dose virus is in the mix?
Answer- Simian Virus #40 (used before in vaccines associated with
the first HIV outbreaks in Africa in the 1980's) It is tested to be live.

Question 3. Any bacteria?
Answer- Unfortunately yes. We all tested that the bacteria present was Yersinia pestis.
This is tested to be live. If you Google it you will find that it's common name is the Black Plague.
The other bacteria was an engineered strain of Clostridium difficile, tested live,
which was famous for many hospital outbreaks of intestinal infections.

Question 4. Any parasites?
Answer- Yes. Leishmania major, live, which can cause skin rashes.
It is common, especially in small children to develop rashes after being vaccinated.

Question 5. What else did you find?
1. A radioactive element: Radium. This common element
has been used in watches and other kinds of dials as it glows in the dark.
Radium is attracted to the lymph nodes, adrenals, and pituitary.
It is tested to decay into Polonium, a highly carcinogenic radioactive
element during a persons lifetime. The authorities may also want to
use this for a marker to ascertain who was vaccinated.
2. The metal Mercury. This element gravitates toward the brain and other nervous tissues,
and has been implicated in Autism, ALS, MS, and Alzheimers.

Question 6. Anything else?
DNA splicing. Human tissue DNA is spliced into a microorganism,
this being Leishmania. In effect this makes for continuous and stubborn skin outbreaks and irritation.

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