100 Years in Iraq

Council for a Livable World, a progressive organization working on foreign policy issues, has always been one of my strongest advocates in adopting sensible national security policies.

When the Senate voted last year to set a deadline for withdrawal of American military forces from Iraq, Council for a Livable World was a critical ally, working with Senate leaders to put an end to the tragic and misguided war in Iraq.

Almost five years into this disastrous war, President Bush, his Republican allies and Iraqi officials are talking about occupying Iraq for another decade - or even longer.

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The American public wants the United States out of Iraq, but President Bush refuses to listen.

When asked on January 11th if the U.S. presence in Iraq would continue for another ten years, President Bush responded "It could easily be that.  Absolutely."

The Iraqi defense minister agreed a few days later, saying that Iraq would need American help to defend its own borders until at least 2018.

According to Council for a Livable World, keeping just one third of our current troop levels in Iraq through 2018 pushes the cost of the war to over $1 trillion.  And many, many more American and Iraqi lives lost.

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Russ Feingold
United States Senator
Honorary Chair, Patriots Progressive Fund