Crucial Week for Impeachment: Honk to Impeach!

Something very important happened in Congress on Thursday, thanks to all of your emails and calls. After 7 years of cowering in fear of every dictatorial demand from Bush and Cheney, House Democrats finally rose up and said NO.

First, House Democrats refused to give immunity to the telecom giants for illegally wiretapping the calls and emails of every American - despite two Bush press conference hissyfits and endless Corporate Media lies.

Second, House Democrats declared Harriet Miers and Josh Bolten to be in contempt of Congress for rejecting subpoenas to testify about the U.S. Attorney scandal, despite a faux-angry walkout by Republicans. Watch Rep. Robert Wexler's excellent floor speech.

Could this be the start of holding George Bush and Dick Cheney accountable for their innumerable High Crimes, ultimately through impeachment?

The main problem we face is time. Since this is an election year, Congress will stop legislating and start campaigning full-time in May. Since impeachment hearings take time, those hearings must begin now.

Thanks to your emails and calls, 18 Democrats support Rep. Robert Wexler's call for Cheney impeachment hearings:
But that's not enough - we need
100 Democrats to support Wexler in order to force Speaker Pelosi to hold these hearings.

This week, every Member of Congress will be home working at their District Offices and meeting with the voters who elect them. So let's send them a loud and clear message: Start Impeachment Hearings for Dick Cheney Now.

One great way to send that message is through "Honk to Impeach" actions at the District Offices of your Representative. These actions are fun and passing cars love it. It just takes 2-3 brave people to have a successful 1-hour event.

Here's a national map with ongoing honk-a-thons:
If you don't see one near you, call your bravest friends and pick the date(s), time, and contact info. Find District Offices by searching for your Representative here:
Then create a map login and click "add a marker."

To find other honkers, connect with activists in your Congressional District by logging in to and clicking "local":
Click [Post] next to your Congressional District and blog about your plans. All the details you need are here:

Since it's Washington's Birthday, we've created a special flyer you can print and hand out called WWWD: What Would Washington Do?

Time is running out so let's hit the streets this week!

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Start Planning for March 2008

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