APFN - Ron Paul Will Bring Them Home (MoneyBomb)

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Ron Paul Will Bring Them Home (MoneyBomb)
Sat Jan 26, 2008 15:13

Ron Paul Will Bring Them Home (MoneyBomb)

watchman2008 Video's....

Sen. Durbin... 935 LIES TO WAR....


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  • Earlier this year, we posted a video called the "9/11 Solution."After a huge run up a viewers it was removed from Google Video three days later.I tried to post it to YouTube and it was rejected by... more
    • 9/11 and cancer is the key! ? David Howard, Sat Jan 26 20:44
      Proof for Mini-nukes ... WTC Cancer Cluster Like Hiroshima"... we got nuked on 9/11 ... by our own government ..."
    • RE: 935 LIES TO WAR.... ? Veterans For Peace, Phoenix, Sat Jan 26 16:14
      Veterans For Peace, Phoenix S. 28th PlacePhoenix, Az 85048602-400-9179ekjh7470@cox.net1/26/08 ... KPHX 1480 AM PHX AZ RE: 935 LIES TO... more
      • Biggest liars are amoungest us-Can you spot them? ? Eric The Red, Sat Jan 26 22:03
        I'm getting FKN mad every time our Jew media and films have to ram down piles of bullsh!t --6 million Jews killed by the Nazi. Those WhiteWhoreHouse 935 lies are nothing compared to the repeated... more
      • Veterans Law Center ? Steve Burns, Sat Jan 26 17:52
        Veterans Law Center This is a new site that is not completed yet but offer free service to vets and their families. site is still under construction but this ... more
    • Ron Paul Will Bring Them Home (MoneyBomb) ? watchman2008, Sat Jan 26 15:13
    • Sibel Edmonds - "Kill The Messenger" ? APFN MASTER VIDEO LIST, Sat Jan 26 12:15
      APFN MASTER VIDEO LIST Edmonds - "Kill The Messenger" - Part 1/6 Edmonds - "Kill The Messenger" - Part 2/6... more
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