What are they waiting for?

You and I know that global warming is one of the most important issues our new president will face upon taking office one short year from now. So you'd think that global warming would be a regular topic of presidential debates and candidate interviews. After all, we rely on the media to ask the candidates the most important questions of the day.

You might be surprised, as I was, to learn that of the nearly 2,500 questions asked of the presidential candidates by the top five TV political reporters during 2007, only three mentioned global warming. Three! (That's a whopping one-tenth of one percent.)

That's why the NRDC Action Fund has joined a new coalition effort to call these leading reporters to task for ignoring the greatest environmental challenge of our generation.

In more than 140 presidential debates and interviews these television hosts have moderated, they have spent more time talking about baseball, UFOs and Chuck Norris than they have about global warming.

Please take a minute to check out this video by the League of Conservation Voters that highlights some of the more absurd questions these reporters felt compelled to ask while ignoring global warming. Then sign our petition urging these reporters to get serious about addressing climate change during the remainder of the campaign.

The decisions made by our next president will make all the difference in determining our future. So what are these reporters waiting for?

Watch the video and sign the petition.

And thank you again for helping to sound the alarm about this critical issue.

Frances Beinecke
NRDC Action Fund