Method for alleviating symptoms of certain types of disorders using electromagnetic fields



Method for alleviating symptoms of certain types of disorders using electromagnetic fields

US Patent Issued on March 4, 2003


Neurological disorders such as
Multiple Sclerosis ("MS"), Guillain-Barre Syndrome, myotonic multiple dystrophy and endocrine system disorders can create a broad range of disabling symptoms caused by a disruption of the brain's ability to communicate with other parts of the body. These symptoms can include slurred speech, difficulty walking and impaired fine motor skills. Sometimes these disorders are caused by problems with a person's auto-immune system. As well, an individual's ability to function may also be impaired by the onset of migraine headaches.

Clinical depression, in general terms, is characterized by symptoms such as lack of energy, low self esteem, and prolonged feelings of sadness and hopelessness. Neurotransmitters are naturally occurring chemicals such as serotonin and
dopamine, that carry electrical impulses within the brain. Sometimes these chemicals are too abundant or too scarce, causing the electrical impulses not to travel as effectively as they normally do. Chemical imbalances in the brain cause psychological disorders or mental illness such as clinical depression. Such conditions are sometimes referred to as "unipolar disorders" or mood disorders.

There is accordingly a need for apparatus which alleviates the
symptoms of certain neurological, endocrinal, and auto-immune disorders.



ALSO STATES:    "MAGNETIC FIELDS TOO STRONG MAY CREATE OR EXACERBATE SYMPTOMS  ........"     ( M.S. is "a focus" of explanations --  see beginning paragraph re immune, migraine......depression.......jcm  1 11 08.....)  

SUBJECT:   EMF's  -  "Therapy...."  (patent.... 2003)


To All:   This patent provides valuable insight re effects of magnetic fields and mentions varying magnetic fields, orientation and influences of geomagnetic fields.    Too much information to summarize at this time.   


Of particular importance is the statement "......magnetic fields too strong may actually create or exacerbate disorder symptoms.......( specific reference to M.S.).......


We know various studies confirm improvement in M.S. patients (and other health problems) when changes are made to their electromagnetic environment -- particularly the reports involving reduction of frequencies on electrical wiring (   ).


I have reported my husband, Bud, worsening after moving his bed.  His head now faces north and away from the gas meter that has magnetic fields of approximately 5.0 milligauss higher on two locations on the service than "ambient readings" (standing in yard approx. 4 ft. away from gas service while measuring magnetic fields from two high voltage powerlines about 50 ft. away).    See recent comments by Aladair Philips and Don Maisch in response to my gas meter comments and the study re 10 Hz flicker.   This is link to 10 Hz flicker study but, at the moment, I do not have the link to Alasdair's and Don's responses (previously distributed by them): ........ 


As I have written, Bud has regressed since moving his bed.   I don't understand the geomagnetic field implications -- benefits or worsening -- due to bed head facing north in our particular circumstances but do suspect he both benefited and worsened due to the constantly changing (depending on "electrical loads on the highlines," weather conditions including sunspots and more) magnetic fields on the gas service and resultant currents induced on metal bedframe and metal bed springs).   The changes mentioned by me and also information contained in patent description, help also to understand why the electric clock on the nightstand, when moved, improved Bud's Executive Function.     Synergistic effects of his medication -- a statin -- "Lipitor," when discontinued, yielded additional improvement.


Some of Bud's improvement has now been lost -- overall memory has again worsened and he more frequently requires additional melatonin in the middle-of-the-night and sometimes other products such as Benadryl, Ibuprofen and now back to using B-6 (one only) along with four of the 3 mg. melatonin capsules every night.   Benadryl and;or Ibuprofen are used "with caution" and only when he suffers from congestion/beginning of sinus infection    Frequent use of saline nasal spray offers significant benefits. 


As I have mentioned in the past, I believe our experiences re adverse symptoms as well as various improvements -- particularly those related to melatonin as well as the addition of vitamins and supplements -- Omega 3 fish oil, selenium, magnesium, Coenzyme Q-10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Aceytl-L-Carnitine, Vitamin D, green tea and more -- in addition to moving electric clock radio off nighstand, plus concerns about currents on gas meter, etc.,. all provide insight into the many variables associated with living close to high voltage powerlines.     Re  re cell phone cautionary information and also, re night appliances, see Dr. George Carlo's website:     For information re "natural melatonin" - -  "radioprotective food neutraceuticals," see:  Scientist Roger Coghill's websites:  and  ........


The following websites are also noteworthy re ways to help cope with our electrically polluted environment:  and  ........also:  .......


Take care -  hopefully "2008" will continue to advance the EMF cause on many fronts!!!    Joanne


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