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December 14, 2007

We have marched, we have petitioned, we have called, emailed and urged Congress;  DON'T BUY BUSH'S WAR. It isn't working—Congress continues to vote billions of dollars toward the occupation of Iraq without any timeline for withdrawal. It is time for us do what they don't have the courage to do. If Congress wants to fund the war with our dollars, well, we'll simply refuse to give them those dollars.

On December 16th, 1773, a group of patriots protested King George's taxes by dumping tea into Boston Harbor. This December 16th, CODEPINK commemorates this event by launching the next phase of our Don't Buy Bush's War campaign: an invitation to the American public to engage in the venerable American tradition of tax resistance.
We call upon all citizens opposed to this unlawful occupation to join with us and pledge to withhold 7% of our taxes in 2008—the amount of the U.S. budget devoted to the occupation of Iraq—if joined by another 100,000 people on April 15th, giving us safety in numbers. This call to Civil Disobedience has raised many questions and fears—as we organized this campaign, we discovered how frightened so many are of our own government and especially the Internal Revenue Service. Now is the time for us to face our fears and transform that energy to take up the responsibility Congress has refused—and stop funding this war. Click here to learn more about our Don't Buy Bush's War campaign 

Many brave citizens have already joined us. This campaign is a coalition effort among several national organizations including United for Peace and Justice, Gold Star Families for Peace, and the 2008 War Tax Boycott coalition. Won't you join us, too? If this act of civil disobedience feels like too big a stretch, you can participate by being part of our support team. Find out how at Don't Buy Bush's War!

There are so many better ways to use our money than funding war. One is to support the plight of Iraqi refugees. Today, 8 million Iraqis live in poverty and more than 15% of the population have fled their homes due to war. More than 2 million have sought refuge in neighboring countries and an estimated 2.3 million are internally displaced. To find out more about this growing humanitarian crisis and to donate to help Iraqi women and children, please visit our Iraqi Refugee Crisis page.

When you take part in our tax revolt, you are giving voice to all of those who have suffered in this disastrous war. Click here to read the heartbreaking message we received from our Iraqi friend Omar yesterday.

Thank you for joining our 2008 tea party. We the people can end this war!

With peace and strength,
Dana, Desiree, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Ileana, Jodie, Medea, Nancy, Rae, and Samantha

Pledge to have a Peaceful Holiday Season!

If you haven't already, please join our pledge 10 Ways to Have a Peaceful Holiday Season in 2007. Check our list to see which item inspires you this week. And remember--with each person you bring in to our pledge, you will be one step closer to winning a trip to join us in DC!

And now, you can
Make Coffee, Not War, as well!. We just launched our own label of fair trade, organic coffee through our partnership with Las Hermanas, a women-initiated empowerment project of the SOPPEXCCA Coffee Cooperative in Nicaragua. With each rich, delicious sip, you will be supporting women around the world. 


Learn more about our tax revolt and pledge to join us

Learn about the Iraqi refugee crisis and donate to help Iraqi women and children


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